• Jennifer Johnson


At first, this still life started with a bunch of other things in it. For example, these beautiful apples and some artfully-stacked vintage linen. However, it was too much and the flowers had so much depth and beauty on their own that I couldn’t stand the rest of the noise in the image. So, in order to make the image I wanted, I had to get rid of a bunch of stuff. I think there’s a metaphor in there somewhere.

I also worked this through Photoshop before putting it into Lightroom to add a preset which I made for a client called Rugged Seas. I tweak that until it looks right, and then get it out into the world. This photo has some beautiful detail to it if you zoom in. I added little drops of dew onto the petals and spent quite some time angling the largest flower at the top to catch the light. The backdrop is simply a canvas painted with black matte paint. The board it sits on is my actual cutting board, so there's that.

Shutter Speed // 2.5"

Aperture // f/22

ISO // 64

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