You're stunning.

And it's about time you embraced that.

Having timeless and enthralling images taken of you and your essence is something that every person deserves. Each photograph is a unique testament to your beauty, your character, and your place in time.

Your favorite place or my studio? Fantasy or pin-up? Classic portrait or scintillating erotica? At Mint & Thistle, we work together to create photographs that will light you up and capture your vision.

Get in touch, let's make magic happen.

"You should never be afraid to become a piece of art,"

                                                                   - Nicki Minaj


Chase Your Dreams.

Let's craft images together that make you swoon.

There is no "standard" photograph in my world. Each portrait session is as unique as the person I am tasked with portraying.

Have you dreamt of a steamy couples portrait session? A boudoir shoot with your beloved horse? A fantastical and glamorous Elf photography sitting? The sky is the limit, but you can read about my styles here.

We will work together to create the shoot of your dreams. I work with amazing makeup artists and hair stylists, have a studio but am also happy to shoot on location, and I can't wait to hear from you.


"Some days I am more wolf than woman,"

                                                                   - Nikkita Gill


    >> Before we shoot, we discuss your vision: Where do you want to shoot? What is your goal? What is your aesthetic? We decide on a date and location.

     >> You put a 50% non-refundable deposit down to secure your date. These are non-refundable, but are transferrable if you need to reschedule.

    >> Basic portrait and boudoir sessions with one outfit last roughly 60-85 minutes. I provide you with direction and posing, managing light and choosing flattering angles.

    >> We part ways, and I go home to cull images and edit them. I upload them and send you your link within 5 business days.


   >> You will receive a link from Pixieset (the gallery service I use) with a download PIN.

   >> You use the PIN to download your high-resolution images.

    >> A standard portrait session will provide you with 25-40 highly polished images.

    >> You are welcome to order prints from my professional print shop, but by no means are you obligated to print through me; That is why I provide you with high-resolution images, as you can print them anywhere you choose!




All portrait sittings begin at $350 with one outfit

        >> Makeup & Hair additional cost & by request

        >> Mileage applies beyond 25 miles

        >> Additional cost for location rental if required

All commercial work begins at $500. Please contact me for a quote specific to your needs!


Boudoir & Pin-Up / Typically done in-studio or in a hotel, lingerie or tasteful implied nudity // 18++ only, ID required

Fantasy & Glam / Typically done in-studio or on-location, hair, makeup & wardrobe to be discussed

Traditional Portrait / Classic portraiture done in-studio or on-location

Patreon & OnlyFans / Discounts for multiple sessions

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